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What It Takes to Build a Customer Friendly eCommerce Business

Building Customer Friendly eCommerce Business needs research on what a customer wants to make purchase. Ask yourself Why should customer comes to your store than any other store selling similar items? It’s not just discounts, benefits, service or looks but it takes a lot more factors that gives a customer motivation to drop in your eCommerce Web Store and make a purchase. Popularity and conversion are two different terms. There might be a situation that in spite of your business quite popular is not converting. It’s quite common to see such businesses with great name and branding do not make much turnover and the vice-versa. So when building your Online Store your eCommerce Web Developer must focus on real customer conversation than just looks of the Web Store.

Most Customer Friendly eCommerce Business share these basic Characteristics:

  • Search Engine Friendly : It’s Important to make your Business easy accessible not only by your business name but also on what you are selling. The customer must get to know what you are selling as equal to what your business name is. Most people do this mistake and try to promote the business name more than what their business is all about. Having a great brand name is good but the focus area of your brand’s POS is equally or even more important.
  • Mobile Friendly Websites : Almost 80% of Customers now a days use smartphones to make a purchase. So you need to make your website mobile friendly. Customer Must not Zoom or Re size images while visiting your website on smart phone. Secondly, converting smartphone website visitors into paying customers increases if payment option is made easy with less than 2 clicks. Finally, your website must be a mobile friendly and appears on searches on smartphones.
  • Product Content : You must not confuse or misguide customers on the products that you sale. Your product content must match 100% to what you are selling. Content and Image make a huge difference in converting visitors to customers. So be very careful when you are writing the content for your products and make sure what you show on the website must match to what you sale in tangible terms.
  • Know your Customers: This is a post sales process which makes much sense as the customer making a purchase most likely visit your website for another purchase. Keeping a great track record of customer service, and making the customer feel that you care is more important.

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Building a Customer Friendly eCommerce Business

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