Link Building Strategy

Link Building by Involving Community of Similar Businesses

Link Building can be tricky and depends on how well you encourage other websites link to yours. However, link building goes wrong and can harm website with adverse effect. Building links are quite similar to the way we build our business relationship through networking. Here are some of the way you should consider while building the links. The aim of the post is to enable readers the core concepts behind link building.

  1. Identify related pages similar to your focus area than building links randomly. It is advisable not to hire or buy cheap link building packages. You know your business more than anyone so assessing your similar business easier for you than anybody.
  2. Big no to automated Link Building software. This may completely spoil your Marketing Campaign and unlist your website from Search Engines. Any Unnatural Links may harm your site in much worst way.
  3. Be consistent and keep focusing on most valuable, related and similar content sites to link with. Search Engines do not like inconsistency. Gradual and consistent efforts always give good results.
  4. Anchor text must makes sense to content flow and subject matter of the page you are linking to. If you are linking to a fashion page from a crockery page its quite unrelated and adds no value.
  5. Try getting Do Follow Links from related pages. Articles with great content and a link to your web page brings more value. So if somebody writing articles or blog similar to your focus area it is good to get links from their blog to your website. Although it is difficult but not impossible.
  6. Anchor Text of the Link is quite important. Building Link with no or unrelated anchor text has little or no value. Link with meaningful anchor text may compel reader to go through your page clicking the link.
  7. Placement of the Link is also an important factor. Your link placement must be on the focus area of the web page.

Naturally most people will link to your homepage, but if you can get them to link to a specific article or post rather then just the homepage that will increase your chances of that post ranking well. The above Parameters are quite important to consider while writing content for your website. So when you are hiring any Content Writing Company  or eCommerce Web Developer or You must get involved closely and proof reed your content before publishing.

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