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Magento Meta Information is an important for optimizing your product and category pages for SEO. There are a few fields to concentrate on when filling out this section.Just like any other website, Magento store also have something to do with title tag and meta description. The second most important detailing to consider to achieve good page rank in terms of SEO of your site is having a proper meta title and description for your site. Right after you install your Magento application, the store will have some sample content for title and description. To edit that, once again to go the Configuration page but this time click on the Design tab on the left and expand the HTML Head group of options.


Here, simply enter the meta title and description you want for your homepage. Now lets understand why it is so important.

Meta Title : 
The page title is very important to SEO and is what you see when searching for a term. Best practice is to use combinations of keywords near the beginning of the title. Therefore a common practice which maintains consistency throughout your eCommerce site is to use Product Name | Category name | Site Name

You can choose between using | or – both have the same effect, but are often chosen according to personal preference.

Here’s what SEO Experts have to say on the matter: “Clearly, using the keyword term/phrase as the very first words in the page title has the highest correlation with high rankings, and subsequent positions correlate nearly flawlessly to lower rankings.”

Meta Keywords :
Meta Keyword don’t have much of relevance to most of the Search Engines these days. So it is advisable to

Meta Description : 
Meta title is what is shown below search engine results and therefore have an impact on CTR. Once again targeting your keyword for this is important as searched words appear bold in the meta description. You only have 155 characters, so writing short concise meta descriptions is important.

Magento Meta Information - Description

Above Magento Meta Information would help you optimizing your store performance . However, for better optimize your store you must take the help of professionals. You can get the best support from eCommerce Web Developers and Search Engine Optimization Experts. As eCommerce Website development company ScriptoGraphics helps build and promote your Online Business much better.

Edit Your Store Magento Meta Information

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