Enable SEO Friendly URL Structure in Magento

For many SEO Friendly URL Structure does not keep any importance specially to developers. However, Search Engine Professionals take a different approach. For Search Engine Optimization experts URL structure has an important role to play with search engine ranking of a website. So it is wise to have your SEO professional while your website is in its development stage. Lets come straight to how you can Optimize your Magento eCommerce Website with right kind of URL structure.

URL Structure should have the following Characteristics from Search Engine Optimization Point.

  • Straightforward : From the URL itself the customer must understand what he is browsing and what he is expected to find from the webpage he / she is opening. Secondly, if you have duplicate URL they should have Canonical URLs and also no confusing redirects from the URL.
  • Meaningful : When you are building the website for the customers it should always focus on customers and their mindset. SEO Friendly URL Structure should have keywords of your products / category in them rather than gibbering numbers and punctuation marks.

So, To achieve Magento SEO friendly URL structure:

  1. Enable Search Engine Friendly URL Structure in Magento. Here how you can do that. To enable the Search Engines Friendly URLs in Magento, first login to your admin area and go to System -> Configuration.


SEO Friendly URL Structure For Magento

    2. Next, click on the Web link in the left menu.

Magento SEO Friendly URL Structure

   3. On this page, expand the Search Engine Optimization tab of options and set the Use Web Server          Rewrites option to Yes.

And You are done. This is a very simple way to make your URL meaningful both to Search Engine and also the Customers who want to share your links. There are two benefits of having Search Engine Friendly URL structure in Magento. Firstly, the chances that customer remembers your URL easily if they have to re open the product which they have visited before. Secondly, the crawling for search engine becomes more meaningful. eCommerce Web Developers and Search Engine Experts from ScriptoGraphics give utmost importance while building the website and we make sure the Clients Selling Points are taken care off well.

SEO Friendly URL Structure for Magneto Website

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